Chifley Dam Details

Chifley Dam is at 79.7% as of 21 March 2017, with over 24,000ML in storage.

Ben Chifley Dam 
Release of water from Chifley Dam is averaging 43ML per day.

Inflow on 21 March 2017 is nil.

A Green Alert for Blue Green Algae at Chifley Dam is in force. Chifley Dam remains OPEN for all water related recreational activities. Further details are available here.

Consumption of filtered water in Bathurst is averaging 18.2ML per day (which is 7.3 Olympic sized swimming pools).

Treated water returned to the Macquarie River is averaging 7.2ML per day.

The Bathurst Regional Council area at present has no water restrictions; however water wise behaviours (such as the following examples) are expected:

  • Check that sprinklers are positioned so that water only falls on soft surfaces
  • Water lawns and gardens out of the heat of the day (before 10am and after 4pm).
  • Use trigger nozzles on your hoses.
  • Clean paths and driveways with a broom or blower first.
  • Only use a hose for health or safety reasons.

Please refer to the Chifley Dam Storage Graph (Updated Monthly).

Further details on how you can help are available at Waterwise Bathurst.

Compared to the same time last year we now have approximately 9% more in storage at Chifley Dam. 

Winburndale Dam is at 87.3% capacity. 

Winburndale DamWinburndale Dam-0010 200